!4th July 2016

Posted on July 14, 2016 at 1:10 PM

 Well things are happening, the panto is becoming real with the poster on the net and we've got one of those pop up posters presumably in the theatre foyer, it looks like this. 

But the other big news is that this week we've been back in the studio at Greenbank recording book four of The Agent of Rome The Black Stone. This time our heroes Cassius Corbulo his slave Simo and his Bodyguard Indavara all journeyinto the Hejaz mountains to recover the divine stone that can summon up the image and Voice of Elegabal. 

I've had a ball again playing all the different parts, I'm finding the PDF on an ipad a little small to read, (I've used hard copy before now) and as it's vital to keep your eyes a few words ahead of your mouth I've ended up buying my first pair of glasses. It might be old age creeping up on me or it might just be that I'd never have been able to manage it on an ipad PDF anyway. 

The Black Stone is due for release in September, I compare the previous ones to other books or films as they do change not so much in style but in how the adventures are paced. 

The Siege was like Zulu the heroes surrounded in a fort by a native enemy.

The Imperial Banner was more detective piecing all the bits together to find out who had stolen the flag.

The Far Shore a great romping Indiana Jones stunt show

and this one, it has a fellowship of the Ring feel to it as they get their team together to go off to Mordor where all hell breaks loose.

The end is heartbreaking though although obviously i can't tell you what it is, but let's say victory comes at great personal cost.

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