14th June 2016

Posted on June 14, 2016 at 11:55 AM

Things suddenly became very busy over the last few days! I was contacted by Oakhill Publishing and asked if I could jump in and take over on an audiobook so I had to quickly create an audio sample and send it in for approval by the publishers as this book is a gritty story of the experiences of a young northern girl who gives birth to a half caste baby in the early 80's and is kicked out by her mother and her subsequent problems.


We've managed to record it in just a day and half, somewhere in the region of nine finished hours so not bad really and it's been very enjoyable as some of the scenes are very emotional so it's got widely different pace.

There's also some Panto news but I can't really talk about that yet. Soon hopefully.

I've been hunting around for clips and things to add to this website and I found some trailers from the old Audio Visuals plays I helped out on in the 1980's, I was quite surprised to hear them as I'd never knew they existed, I'm assuming they were created at the time.

We've got Kim Taylforth staying with us for a couple of nights as she is in the cast of Jekyll and Hyde at the Lyceum Theatre for a few nights this week (written and directed by Nick Briggs from" target="_blank">Big Finish and Chief dalek voice off Doctor Who). 

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