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9th September 2016

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I finished the latest audiobook yesterday, It's called The Cotswolds Werewolf and other stories of Sherlock Holmes, so it's been approved by the rights holder and is now in the process of being quality assessed before heading to retail, fingers crossed that all goes smoothly and that means that it'll be up for sale some time in a week or so.

9th September 2016

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Haunted Liverpool 25

My second audiobook produced entirely here at home has been released on and Itunes loads of Ghost stories and supernatural shenanigans in and around Liverpool

Chuffed with how it's turned out just hope we can seel a few. 

I've had some great feedback from both of my authors so far so it is very encouraging and I'm very proud of what we have achieved so long may it reign. 

29th August 2016

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Harry Potter Wizarding Experience.

Sneaky Experience have given me loads of work this year for which I am very very grateful so it's no problem to return the favour by pushing the boat out with props and costumes and stuff to help out. 

This experience took place in the ancient Lancaster Castle a great stand in for Hogwarts...(ok Hogwarts with Scaffolding)

I was working with lots of the usual Sneaky Experience gang but also bumped into James Percy as Harry Potter, James was the muddles character in the last Pantomime I appeared in at Doncaster.

I had a great room and together we filled it full of magical bottles and stuff to end up with this

 So all in all a great weekend

22nd August 2016

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Kane's Cross Released!

It's taken a couple of weeks to produce this novel as an audiobook, I had to go back and do the first seven chapters again as I wasn't happy with a small echo I was getting. So I've padded up my little booth in the corridor under the hall in the cellar. The Builders are driving me nuts with their beep beep beep reversing machines, cement mixers, clanging trowels aetc etc so the sooner they are gone th e better but there's still a couple of months left yet easily! 

Kane's Cross is cracking adventure story here is the bio from audible 

Kane is a burned out soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress. He comes from a dysfunctional family. His parents are divorced, his sister is missing under mysterious circumstances, and his mirror twin half-brothers are displaying disturbing behaviors. It's whilst drowning his sorrows that he meets a strange girl who asks him for help. Under her influence, they embark on a transformative journey together. Soon everything about Kane's life is different. Kane knows he will have to kill their adversaries before they are all murdered. This book may be listened to as a standalone.

and I'm really proud of what we've turned out between us Liz the author is also very pleased. Fingers crossed we can make it a success.

I helped out with the cover artwork converting the original paperback version into a CD size and this is it 

There's also a youtube video of the audio sample from Audible and amazon 

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3rd August 2016

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New stuff is happening. After finishing on the last audio book I was advised to try out the audiobook exchange. The site is mostly a collaborative thing between authors/publishers and actor/producers. There are a few books that pay an upfront fee for the producers services (very few) but largely the authors or publishers offer book up for a 50% royalty share, so I decided to give it a go.

I was under no illusions there were thousdands of authors and tens of thousands of narrators. So I created auditions for 8 books and waited, hoping I might get one eventually but the response has been remarkable and I now have a little queue of books to produce. 

I've spent the last couple of weeks recording the first one and editing it all together and uploading it to the site. I'm now at the point where the author has to have a listen and accept or refuse it or suggest some alterations. It's been a big job having taken many hours so it'll be interesting to find out how it works out. 

Anyway more on that as it happens. There are now more books to record.

The cover has been released for the Transcendence fOf Ephros from Big Finish 

So I'm very much looking forward to hearing how that turns out.

Press call for Panto was moved so I didn't go to Straftford last week as scheduled we've still got that to look forward to.

!4th July 2016

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 Well things are happening, the panto is becoming real with the poster on the net and we've got one of those pop up posters presumably in the theatre foyer, it looks like this. 

But the other big news is that this week we've been back in the studio at Greenbank recording book four of The Agent of Rome The Black Stone. This time our heroes Cassius Corbulo his slave Simo and his Bodyguard Indavara all journeyinto the Hejaz mountains to recover the divine stone that can summon up the image and Voice of Elegabal. 

I've had a ball again playing all the different parts, I'm finding the PDF on an ipad a little small to read, (I've used hard copy before now) and as it's vital to keep your eyes a few words ahead of your mouth I've ended up buying my first pair of glasses. It might be old age creeping up on me or it might just be that I'd never have been able to manage it on an ipad PDF anyway. 

The Black Stone is due for release in September, I compare the previous ones to other books or films as they do change not so much in style but in how the adventures are paced. 

The Siege was like Zulu the heroes surrounded in a fort by a native enemy.

The Imperial Banner was more detective piecing all the bits together to find out who had stolen the flag.

The Far Shore a great romping Indiana Jones stunt show

and this one, it has a fellowship of the Ring feel to it as they get their team together to go off to Mordor where all hell breaks loose.

The end is heartbreaking though although obviously i can't tell you what it is, but let's say victory comes at great personal cost.

6th July 2016

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The poster has been released for this season's pantomime.

I went down to London a week and a half ago for the photo shoot and the publicity machine is already gearing itself up into action.

Next week sees me recording the next in the Agent of Rome series and I've spent a considerable amount of time prepping the PDF copy I'd been sent with the various coloured lines that help me visualise who is talking. 

21st June 2016

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I've been away for a few days working in Leeds for Sneaky Experience who as their website states provide adventurous pop-up cinema screenings to audiences of all ages in unique and inspiring locations. Which means not only do the audience get to see great movies like Lord of the rings in the inspiring surroundings of a ruined abbey they also get to meet characters based on the film beforehand and interract with them in a fun way via various games and scenes based on the film. 

So this last weekend I've been helping out as a Goblin with a puppet during the screening of the Jim Henson fantasy film Labyrinth. 

It was a pretty intense schedule with three children's shows during the day where the kids would come dressed as Fairies and Goblins

followed by the cinema screening of the two films Labyrinth for two nights on friday and sunday and Pan's Labyrinth on the saturday night. For Pan's Labyrinth Pete Williamson was cast as Pan and was in make up for about 8 hours but the finished make up was remarkable.

A fantastic combination of prosthetics, body paint and specialised costume legs that had foam or plastizote additions to create the illusion of the weirdly jointed goat legs.

My friends helped me out again with free digs, so thanks to Su Schofield and Porl Cooper. But sadly the car has ended up in a bad way. On the way to work on saturday morning the gears went and the car became trapped on the hill just outside Kirkstall abbey car park, I was extremely lucky as two very generous chaps (a father and son) stopped to help me and towed me into the car park. The car was then brought back by the RAC on sunday night, but I don't hold out much hope for it. I've had it six years and it's been a great car. But it's certainly an expense i could do without.

15th June 2016

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Went to see our house guest Kim Taylforth in Jekyll and Hyde last night and met the cast in the pub afterwards for a chat, so a very pleasant evening, Kim has left us now as she's got a matinee this afternoon and is heading back down south straight after the show. 

A couple of things arrived in the post today the full series of Pisces which I did one episode of with Nigel Fairs many years ago

I was a primitive tribal leader, The leader of the seven tribes of the light (I think I might adopt that title it sounds rather grandiose) so all very gravelly, You can find a clip in my audio plays section.

I also received the brand spanking new Tears of the Devil which we recorded a couple of months back down in London with my old buddy John Fryer. John and I go back decades as we were in the same local am dram group as Kids and I worked for him and made his costumes for him when he ran a TIE company in the early 90's. John now works for the really useful company at The Phantom of the Opera theatre (he's been there years and years now) and he writes and records his own audio dramas. This new one is all about OIl and I play a corrupt senator David Sterling.

Again there's a clip to listen to on the audio plays section of the website. Now to get some costume together for this weekend's shenanigans with Sneaky experience again.

14th June 2016

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Things suddenly became very busy over the last few days! I was contacted by Oakhill Publishing and asked if I could jump in and take over on an audiobook so I had to quickly create an audio sample and send it in for approval by the publishers as this book is a gritty story of the experiences of a young northern girl who gives birth to a half caste baby in the early 80's and is kicked out by her mother and her subsequent problems.


We've managed to record it in just a day and half, somewhere in the region of nine finished hours so not bad really and it's been very enjoyable as some of the scenes are very emotional so it's got widely different pace.

There's also some Panto news but I can't really talk about that yet. Soon hopefully.

I've been hunting around for clips and things to add to this website and I found some trailers from the old Audio Visuals plays I helped out on in the 1980's, I was quite surprised to hear them as I'd never knew they existed, I'm assuming they were created at the time.

We've got Kim Taylforth staying with us for a couple of nights as she is in the cast of Jekyll and Hyde at the Lyceum Theatre for a few nights this week (written and directed by Nick Briggs from" target="_blank">Big Finish and Chief dalek voice off Doctor Who).