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22nd January 2019

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My latest audiobook has been released and has received a new great 5 star review. 

22nd January 2019

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The latest audiobook has been finished and has been checked and cleared for retail so should be out within a few days at audible. Written by Iain Rob Wright it's a Zombie apocalypse tale. 

11th January 2018

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Haunted Liverpool 28 is currently underway hopefully for release in February. Here is the provisional cover which might change slightly in the forthcoming weeks.

11th January 2018

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Pantomime is over for another year. This time it was a return visit to Basildon to play the Emperor of China in Aladdin.

14th August 2017

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The Hollow - Stoke Rep Theatre

We've been performing Agatha Christie's The Hollow at the Stoke Rep Theatre all through last week. Directed by David Mansell and Starring Guy Siner (Gruber fro Allo Allo) and Jenny Hanley (from The Scars of Dracula, On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Magpie) The Show had a great set.

We had a fabulous time good houses and some very impressive wigs for the ladies. Very proud of this one.

13th July 2017

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The latest audiobook The Stone of Destiny went live last night, hopefully it will sell well. I did wonder whether to change my portrayal of Sherlock Holmes which is based on Tom Baker who played Holmes in the BBC series of the Hound of the Baskervilles in 1982. Several people have unfortunately been quite vociferously against the deep threatening tones, but there is something about the way Holmes speaks, his intensity, his enigmatic power that makes it that I only hear his voice when reading it and heck he is the star of the show so I'm afraid i decided to keep it, because when all said and done most people are OK with it. Some people love, hey you can't please all of the people all of the time. 

23rd January 2017

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23rd January 2017

Panto went by very quickly, at Stratford Arts House playing Abanazar. 

and while were rehearsing that the latest audiobook was released The sensible Necktie and other stories of Sherlock Holmes

11th October 2016

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Panto Press Call

We had our Pantomine press call in Stratford Upon Avon last saturday the 8th October after a fab little holiday in Salcombe. All the cast were in attendance. the first time that I've met a few of them having met Our Princess, Slave of the ring and Wishee washee when we had out photographs taken for the poster. 

16th September 2016

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Two books released today!

By coincidence The Agent of Rome and The Cotswold Werewolf were both released on audible today, I'm really chuffed to have that series and to be associated with Cassius Corbulo and Indavara and Simo in their ongoing adventures in the Roman empire and beyond. 

To now have a sereis of Sherlock Holmes book too is also very special, so I'm really enjoying the job satisfaction side of the audio book lark at the moment.